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Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm getting worse!!

Despite putting in hours and hours of work, I looked at some past exam papers this afternoon, and, questions (I swear) I could've done before, I can't do now!!

(Last year's exam).

"Explain why physical weathering is more important than chemical weathering for supplying dissolved salts to the ocean at high latitudes."

I wouldn't know ...

"Sketch the likely annual cycle of phytoplankton productivity in the North Atlantic at ~45 deg N. Explain why the pattern of productivity at this location is different from that in the Scotia Sea."

Where's the Scotia Sea?

The thing is, I might *know* some things - or I might *understand* some things - but I can't put it all together, sideways. My head hurts if I try! These two questions (above) are actually easy ones ... there are much, much worse!

I felt like phoning the OU and cancelling my exam. But I guess I must plod on. It's not really that important (I'm looking forward to doing SXN390 next year, as I know I won't pass this thing!) - but I should give it a go (preferably without going completely off my head).

I want to pick up S194 and get on with that (Introducing Astronomy). I'm doing this short course, so that I can pick up a Certificate in Contemporary Science, for which you need to have completed 6 short level 1 science courses. But I cannot pick it up until this monster is out of the way!


Anonymous said...

Keep going Frances! I'm sure you will surprise yourself...

It might do you a bit of good to get away from Oceans for a bit... why not "let" yourself do some Astronomy for a few hours. I've found it helps to study/revise like that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Frances, I feel exactly the same. I would be lucky to get 30% for SD329. It just goes way over my head. For the first time ever I am seriously considering not sitting the exam. I just don't know what to do, and I don't have the time to think what to do let alone understand and remember the learning objectives. How's it going now, any better?