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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tutor industrial action

I'm becoming increasingly disenchanted by the 'action short of strike', being taken by (some) tutors. I haven't been affected by this to now, my SXG390 tutor, is marking assignments and I would be surprised if my S330 tutor was taking industrial action. But I feel very sorry for those students who are affected in this way. And now I am being affected, as we've been told that the next assignment booklet for S330 has been delayed due to the action, which means that the whole mailing has been delayed. I am not happy. I can only see this whole thing ending in tears, as there is no way that the employers are going to give out a 30% increase! Meantime, students, all over the land, are becoming (quite rightly) increasingly FED UP!

::: (20/4) Kindly Jennie, S330 Course Team, very thoughtfully has sent us .pdf copies of the assignment booklet (all 40 pages!), so now all we need are the books! :::

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