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Monday, April 10, 2006


Since the S330 tutorial on Saturday, I don't think I've stopped studying! It was sort of encouraging to realise that my tutor (Les) also appears to have a lot of trouble with the course and kept getting his Coriolis directions mixed up! Anyway, I've been doing heaps more research for the project course and have started my critical reading. I keep going off on tangents, that's the problem. You read something which you think you might need to read more of, so you look it up and find something else which you think you might need to read more of... And, this afternoon, I finished off 5 of the 6 questions for S330 TMA02 (due June). I was quite happy with my efforts, until I got to question 6 and didn't much care for it! The bummer is that it's worth 31% of the marks, so all the previous effort could've been for very little, if I can't get something decent down for that one.

We pick up the new car tomorrow. :) And we dump the old one. :( I can't get over how emotional I'm feeling over a heap of metal - but it was a very good friend to us.

Bye-bye. (Do you think it knows?)

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