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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lack of progress ...

... with A215. Despite having done TMA01, I don't seem to be able to get down to studying and I would've liked to have been a bit further ahead by now (with the Forensics course starting soon). A lot of my fellow students have gallantly been putting their (excellent) work on their blogs, but mine is too poor for general viewing! I haven't really got on very well with clusters and freewrites and this one is about my best effort!!

"Like a spider in her lair, crouched, menacing, hirsute and with clicking joints, the widow spun her yarn. With sweating palms, Lucinda watched from behind the door. She shuddered. The widow reminded her so much of her phobia that she wondered if, at any moment, she might start to eat flies. The black widow reached into her pocket and popped something in her mouth. A sherbet lemon."

Which begs the question(s) - who is Lucinda and why is she behind the door?

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