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Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Course About To Start!

... so I thought I had better update this blog!

When I last wrote about OU stuff, I was still studying S339. Not any more. Not for months. And months. I didn't see any purpose in torturing myself on a course I didn't enjoy and (more importantly) didn't NEED to do. So I dumped it. (But I have all the books still, so I shall slowly read through all of those - one day).

Anyway, I'm back to my BA plans! I registered for A215 (Creative Writing) and the course starts on 17th September; the materials are due to be despatched tomorrow. I'm rather excited about it and rather scared of it also. I've also registered for the new science short course, S187 - Elements of Forensic Science, which starts in November - I'm really excited about that one!

I can't wait to get back to studying again - I've missed it very much.

Otherwise, nothing much has been going on in my world. Captain Bunzee is not too well - he appears to have spells of difficulties with moving his legs. We get him ready to go to the vets and he gets better again. At the moment, he is struggling once more. He is old, that's for sure, so these things will happen, but I think a trip to the vet is imminent. We are also looking for a kitten (or two) AT LAST! We went to see a Maine Coon, but the kitty was a bit too timid and we came home with an empty box. There is no rush and it's best to make sure that the kitten is absolutely right for us - probably we will end up with a moggy.

Tracey got married on 24th August, in Cardiff, at St Davids Hotel & Spa. It was a lovely wedding, and the bride looked absolutely stunning - but the beer wasn't half dear! I wrote a poem - LOL - Elizabeth Browning, eat your heart out!!

A pink ribboned chair;
Coiffured hair.
Wonderful food;
A jovial mood.

What a great day!

A beautiful bride;
Dad filled with pride.
What’s that I spy?
A tear in the eye?

What a great day!

A handsome groom;
Roses in bloom.
Sunshine - and smiles
That went on for miles.

What a great day!

New, pinching shoes;
Very dear booze.
But who gave a care
With such love in the air?

What a GREAT day!

The weather here has been disgusting. No summer at all. So I've been busy planning next year's holiday to Greece! We've booked a villa on Crete for a week - and are fiddling around with plans to fly to Athens, stay there a couple of days and then ferry it to Mykonos (or Naxos) and Santorini, before ending our trip on Crete.

Can't wait for the delivery man to arrive with my new books, so I can get down to some more poetry writing! :)

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