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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Anyone for Haiku?

The A215 materials should've been sent out on Friday - but there is a delay; probably a long one. So I succumbed to printing out the first part of the book from the online .pdf. About 80 pages so far ...

I've been busy doing freewrites and clusters and actually enjoying it! I've burnt down a house, developed a phobia about an old woman sucking lemon sherbets, commented on Little Black Sambo, as my first ever 'read', written a menacing letter by Marjorie White to her brother, Henry - and other such rubbish - great fun!

Anyway, we are being encouraged to write daily Haiku, so here are my today's offerings.

Poor Captain Bunzee
He smells so badly of pee
Does he want to live?

This is actually not as flippant as it might appear. Bunzee is very poorly - his back legs are paralysed and he cannot move or clean himself - so he is indoors and we are trying to help him, but it's not looking too good. We really do need to take him to the vet, but he is nearly 10 years old and ... well, it's a very hard thing to think about.

Poor Bunzee

This is the other one.

Naxos, Mykonos
Which island shall it be?
Maybe Paros, eh?

Which is attempting to illustrate how utterly undecided I am about which other island to visit, apart from Crete and Santorini. Oh, but I'm learning Greek - LOL!


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