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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm back!!!

So much for the year out!! I decided that the only way to ease (if not cure) my disease, was to rejoin the land of the learning, so I've registered for AT272 - Ancient and Medieval Cities: A Technological History, starting in May. Nobody likes this course, but it's only 10 points and I'm not averse to a couple months' moaning. I've also registered for A251: World Archaeology from September. This is a pilot 30-point course, which does the 30 points in half the time it usually takes (so double the time needed!) Then, from next February, I would only need to do 1 x 60 point level 3 artsy course and I would have a BA! Just like that! How about AA310 - Film and Television History? Looks about the easiest - and you get a load of films to watch - like Citizen Kane!

So, I am happier now. But I still plan to do an MSc. One day.

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