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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sucker for tears

Let me make this very clear - I HAVE NEVER WATCHED BIG BROTHER, nor have any wish to do so - but I do have a terrible weakness for the reality show progs, especially Strictly Come Dancing and the Ice Skating thingie - and even Just The Two of Us. Then, last year, we were searching for the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new production of the Sound of Music - and, this year, we have his search for the lead in the new production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - "Any Dream Will Do". Saturday evening isn't right without Dr Who, followed by a programme of back stabbing, bitching, huge egos and tears! It helps that the Everton chairman, Bill Kenwright, is one of the panel members! (And Graham Norton's silk suits and shirts give me ideas for scrapbook pages!) Fortunately, all here enjoy it, although none of us have ever voted.

Craig went out last week. He was sweetness itself and such a nice boy - like a teddy bear, all cuddly and undemanding. However, he was useless, stood like a plank and just kind of drooped ... So, tonight we had the semi finals, in which Ben was voted off. That's a shame, as he was my second favourite , because, although he can't sing very well, he is a very good showman. (Can Philip Schofield sing - and John Barrowman himself can't sing all that well, imho!) But Ben is gone and we are left with Lee, Lewis (LEWIS!!) and Keith Jack. There is absolutely no competition. Lewis (LEWIS!!) is sweet, but he is a child and is far too lanky - it is impossible to imagine him in a loincloth. Keith Jack is horrendous - I have no idea why people vote for him. His voice drives me daft and I certainly wouldn't pay to have to listen to it for 2 hours. There is only one winner.

Apart from this, I am bored out of my skull with AT272.

Oh, and multi multi congratulations to Pippo Inzaghi for single-handedly winning the Champions League Cup for Milan last week!


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